Matt Barnhart


Matt is a graphic designer and illustrator hell bent on designing unique products with a focus on structure and bold use of color. Excelling in the drawing inspiration from seasoned design concepts and placing a modern spin on said concepts to create balance between young and old is the name of the game. Design is an amazing medium for the collaboration of people, this makes every project a new adventure for himself and his collaborators. Every client, every employee, every peer provides unique points of view that when given proper direction and nourishment can grow to create beautiful ends.

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I am a big believer in the ‘If you see a problem fix it’ mantra. This plays heavily into my work I am very much inspired by fixing problems in design. That may be an over used symbol in the industry, which results in over saturation and by extension the image becoming ‘corny’ or cliche. I look at theses images and see opportunity for creating unique ways to display the information. 

-Matt Barnhart

I couldn’t have been more impressed when working with Barnhart Graphics. Every project reflected exactly what I wanted while also being extremely unique. On top of the high quality of work, the turnaround time was unmatched. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience

Amanda Duke Co-Owner

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Jenny Gregory Senior Assistant Director of Communications & Promotions

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Chris Barnhart Marketing Director

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Mike Duke Owner

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ENGL3880 example project

Case Reflection

To: Josh Gardner, ENGL3880

From: Matt Barnhart

Date: 29 July 2022

Subject: Case #3: Commuting issues and resolution   

This assignment allowed me to produce a proposal for the improvement of a company program. Within the context of this assignment, a business was struggling with long commuting times within their employee schedules. Employees were commuting upwards of 2 hours a day to work. This was causing issues in the hiring process and undoubtedly negatively effecting employee morale. The goal of this proposal was to address the issues through implementation of a teleworking system. I was tasked with researching statistics on employee happiness and its effect on efficiency as well as addressing the inevitability of unfavorable employee turnover. The study forced critical thinking as well as strong business writing abilities. While I do not believe that this specific circumstance will play into my career in the future, it was enlightening to write a proposal for something I am not as well versed in. Researching teleworking statistics and writing in a persuasive manner in those stats proved to be an interesting business writing exercise.

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